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Welcome! JOYful News is a newsletter intended to bring you information that is fun, inspiring, and uplifting. Each issue will contain different stories, tips, exercises, and suggestions focused on the JOYful - how to create more of it, sustain it, and connect to it more fully.

I have found it extremely valuable to make a daily practice of connecting to things that help to keep my vibration up, my focus on the positive and my energy level high, intentionally surrounding myself with that which uplifts me and feeds my soul!

You create your own kind of *magic* when you find reasons everyday to connect to that which brings you JOY!

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The Art of Discernment ~ Cultivating Your Authentic Self

March 28, 2014

Do you possess keen insight? Can you easily tune in to your highest choices? Discernment is the art of deciding what resonates as truth for you. It is developing your sixth sense, so to speak, as you acquire an acute awareness of who you really are on your journey of cultivating your authentic self. It is being in tune with what feels right for you, then making wise choices and allows you to move forward with confidence as you feel clear-sighted, perceptive and knowledgeable.

As you become more and more adept in developing a powerful and precise sense of discernment, you will come to know yourself better. You will undoubtedly gain clarity, insight and a greater awareness of all you are meant to be. If you think about the countless ways you have been taught to handle or deal with life circumstances and yourself, you may discover that some of them are not working for you. They are perhaps attitudes, beliefs or illusions that were offered to you as truth when you were most likely very young. Once you are aware of them, you have the option of discarding any that are not a component of your authentic self, the real you that you wish to experience and express.

The mental images that we carry and collected from our early years are often emotionally charged and frequently dictate how we respond to life or react in the outer world. They affect and control what we think we can or cannot do. This becomes our belief system. And some of them have been in the archives of our minds for many years. Are you aware of the massive gathering of beliefs and pictures stored in your archives?

If, for example, you were consistently told as a youngster that you really didn't have what it takes to be an artist or were taught that no one is really able to make a living in the arts and that option is a waste of your time, you would most likely have developed a negative belief around becoming an artist. And that belief was archived in your mind with the probability of future access.

Even if you were later surrounded by people or information that said otherwise, you would not be able to acknowledge any positive evidence because you would not believe it could be true for you. You create your experiences, positive or negative, with the mental images and the programming you have accumulated over your lifetime that became your beliefs. Fortunately, you can change your life and your reality by changing the pictures and replacing the old programming with new and beneficial software of your choosing.

The first step in changing a negative picture or belief is to be ready to give it the old heave ho. The willingness to let go is all that is needed to begin the transformation of altering your vibration or point of attraction around any subject in your life.

Remember that as you choose to relinquish an old thought pattern, you will want to replace it with one that will now support you. You can use new affirmations like a mantra, using them frequently and whenever anything related to the old belief pops in. You can also create a new story of how you want this change to look. Write it out, get creative, filling in as much detail and specifics as you can. Immerse yourself in the energy, the vibration of this new story. Share it with those who will listen and encourage you as you seek to make positive changes in your life. You can also take a few minutes each day to visualize and link in to the feeling of the new vibration you wish to create. Connecting to the feeling of where you want to be is the fastest route to getting where you want to go.

If you are at a standstill in any area of your life and unable to move forward, take some time to explore what's in your archives. You may discover some thoughts, ideas or habits that are related to what is not working. They may be ones you'll wish to let go of as you realize they're not really yours and they don't serve you in the highest way. Here's how digging in the archives helped one of my clients realize where she needed to start the releasing and reprogramming process:

While working with this particular woman, we discussed how she felt that she was stuck in a place where she could not manage to find her way around the enormous block wall looming right in front of her which she had created in regard to her current prosperity level. She found herself always struggling to make ends meet while observing her credit card debt mounting higher and higher. She desperately wanted to find her way out of the big hole she felt she was trapped in.

I asked her if she could remember a time in her life when she felt abundant and money flowed to her easily. "Why, yes. When I was a single parent of three children just after my husband and I divorced, I went back to work and got a great paying job with benefits. I was determined to do whatever was necessary to ensure that they were well taken care of."

"So when did the lack of money become an issue for you?" I inquired. "Right after the last one left home to be on his own!" she replied. What an "aha moment" that was! We discovered that this woman felt her children were completely worthy of abundance and prosperity, but when she found herself all alone again at that point in her life, she did not feel she was deserving of it. Consequently this belief produced a large barrier on her path to prosperity, making it difficult to create much abundance in her life at all.

She stated that all her life she'd had an issue with low self-esteem and her level of self-worth was practically nil. But her desire to take care of her children was a bigger pull, a stronger vibration for her during the time she was responsible for their well-being. Then when she was alone and on her own, the energy of her low self-esteem came back in, full force. She could now see that this was her opportunity to let go of that unsupportive thought form and write a new story!

We discussed ways for her to begin releasing this old picture. One was for her to visualize a big, block wall directly in front of her which represented her barrier to abundance and what was holding her back. She dubbed it her 'money block' wall. I suggested that she do a daily vizualization around this picture and told her she could imagine a big wrecking ball coming in to begin tearing down this wall, this image that she'd hung onto for so long. She liked the idea of dismantling a little more each day which allowed her to see beyond the wall at all the wonderful possibilities of money flowing to her in unlimited ways. She immediately began to feel lighter in her body, while sensing that the burden, the heaviness was finally lifting. The last time we talked she said the wall was almost completely demolished as she continued feeling much clearer and lighter around this subject.

Tune in and listen to your body around any area of concern, as it speaks your truth in many ways. Try putting your hand over your heart and connect with your heart center as you focus on a specific question or issue. What is it telling you? You might also pay attention to your solar plexus or your gut, where you receive intuitive hits. How does it feel when you think about what's on your mind? If you still have some work to do around releasing old thought patterns, you'll feel it. I've always been able to trust my body as a gauge in telling me if I've really cleared out an issue or not by thinking about a specific topic of concern and paying attention to how it affects my energy. I will undoubtedly feel lighter and brighter or heavy and depleted in varying degrees according to the extent that I've released the subject in question.

Discernment is about fine tuning and discovering what's true for you, what resonates and feels like your highest choice at any particular moment, under any circumstances. And isn't that what each of us truly wants ... to move through life with confidence, feeling clear-sighted, perceptive and knowledgeable? As you practice the art of discernment you will surely connect to the choices which allow you to experience and express your authentic and true self, the real you. Woo-Hoo!

The Art of Discernment

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Quotes to Ponder

We need discernment in what we see and what we hear and what we believe.
~Charles R. Swindoll

Every choice you make has an end result.
~Zig Ziglar

Everything will change when your desire to move on exceeds your desire to hold on.
~Alan h. Cohen

If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.
~Neil Peart

I've always tried to stay true to my authentic self.
~Katie Couric

So Remember...

Discernment is about fine tuning and discovering what's true for you, what resonates and feels like your highest choice at any particular moment on your path to cultivating your authentic self.

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May each day bring you more JOY, unexpected and happy surprises and...
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