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Welcome! JOYful News is a newsletter intended to bring you information that is fun, inspiring, and uplifting. Each issue will contain different stories, tips, exercises, and suggestions focused on the JOYful - how to create more of it, sustain it, and connect to it more fully.

I have found it extremely valuable to make a daily practice of connecting to things that help to keep my vibration up, my focus on the positive and my energy level high, intentionally surrounding myself with that which uplifts me and feeds my soul!

You create your own kind of *magic* when you find reasons everyday to connect to that which brings you JOY!

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Keeping It Simple

June 26, 2014

For much of my life I had a tendency to think I could accomplish much more than I actually would in the course of a day. Wishful thinking on my part or perhaps just the grandiose fantasy I once held so long ago (when my 3 grown sons were all toddlers) of becoming a Superwoman of sorts. One who is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...while maintaining her grace, charm, and sanity, of course!

I know from experience that I don't do well or think clearly when I've got too much on my plate. With so much juggling of various activities, chores and responsibilities in my life for many years, I found that I needed to make a very deliberate point of keeping things in balance or pay the price for my misguided overindulgence. The unmistakable advice, 'Keep it simple', showed up for me quite often during this time. At one point in the span of just a few days, the statement came to my attention in a book I was reading, then again while listening to an internet radio show, next for a client in a reading and once more in a conversation with a good friend.

It was very obvious that I was receiving a message that was not to be ignored! I wholeheartedly agreed with the missive and became intent on making each day as simple as possible to avoid the likelihood of becoming overwhelmed...a place I seemed to frequent often and knew all too well.

Simplifying your life in as many ways as possible is one of the best stress busters ever! It's also helpful to remember that it's always for your benefit not to allow any unfinished tasks to weigh you down that you don't complete or even begin on a particular day. Taking it all in stride with good humor and grace, going with the flow, is the best approach when unexpected people or events come along.

During this time of being barraged with the reminder of keeping it simple, I came across an article that spoke about the disadvantages of becoming overwhelmed while trying to get everything on your "TO DO" list checked off each day. It has been shown, the article reported, that multi-tasking is really not a productive way to approach a multitude of responsibilities before you. It's actually better to put your entire attention on one activity at a time, resulting in getting much more done than you would have thought if you'd continued your day in multi-task mode. Multi-tasking can lead to frustration, fatigue and foggy thinking, it stated. 'Keep it simple' was the main message once more.

I know that when I give a task my full attention and consideration, I find that I am much more capable of finishing the job with clear thinking and ease. When you consciously choose to put your awareness on the one thing you are engaged in, you call back to you all the scattered parts that are involved elsewhere, such as deciding what you'd like to prepare for dinner, what you want to say when you make that phone call you've been putting off, etc. There are so many things that can distract us, unless we are watchful about making the most of our time and being truly present, no matter what we are doing.

I've come to appreciate the advantage of saying "No" with grace and not feeling guilty (truthfully, it's still a bit uncomfortable at times, but I'm improving with practice). These days I can also say I've gotten pretty good at not scheduling in more appointments and tasks than I can comfortably handle. Then there is the added benefit of being able to connect with your intuition or the wisdom of your soul when you collect your energy and direct all your attention in one place. I know when I'm tuned in and focused, I am able to clearly hear the whispers of my inner guidance and I am always grateful for the input.

I've come to trust the calm, still voice that suggests and often directs me to an option or choice I may not have considered otherwise. I revel in the notion that the universe has my back and is conspiring on my behalf at all times.

It's an important aspect of my daily life to stay in touch with the loving support that is always available. My ritual each morning is to tune in and clear my space with the intention of connecting to Source energy so that we can co-pilot our way through the day.

It's my job to keep my mind clear by simplifying what I am focused upon in any given moment. This allows me to be attuned and receptive to the offerings of Infinite Intelligence - which is always possible and much easier when I'm keeping it simple!

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Quotes to Ponder

Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple.
~C.W. Ceram

Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.
~John Maeda

The key to a good life is to keep it simple.
~Master Jin Kwon

Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.
~Charles Dudley Warner

So Remember...

You may want to consider the many benefits of keeping it simple and the steps you could take right now to make that happen for you!

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